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I dream of bending flour to my will, while making single-celled organisms to all the heavy lifting. I also dream of turning the vegetables in my freezer into delicately spiced toppings for my twenty pounds of basmati rice. Yes, I have been completely distracted by searching for recipes for Indian sauces and pizza dough (not related).

You know what I should dream of first? THE COMMAND LINE.


Thoughts so far:

It’s strange that white space matters again.

My book clearly uses a different shell, since they use “ls /myDirectory” but in mine, the slash fails and you have to say “ls myDirectory.”

I said before I didn’t care about / versus \ –but forward slash is clearly the right answer on QWERTY keyboards. Loving it!

I finally understand this comic. Oh Raymond, this liberal arts major is so on to you.

UNIX naming conventions seem to avoid capital letters and vowels as much as possible. I know they believe the user is evil and must be punished–but would the extra letters (and maybe some camel case) really hurt anybody?


During an unintentionally rough computer move, the monitor turned off–though the machine was still running. I noticed that the monitor port was loose… oh dear. I turned it all off, opened the box, and though it was difficult to squiggle around in there with my fingers crossed, I pushed the video card back into its slot and popped the screw back in. Now, fully functional. WHEW.


It is super cool seeing the name of the project I’ll be working on, though, in miscellaneous screen shots of the shell in this book! It makes me feel famous. Even though, er, I have not actually done anything with said project yet.


Old-style gospel really disrupts my coding–because while I can sing and code, clapping usually involves both hands.


So! Mercurial, it turns out, sort of worked all along. Maybe. It functions the way an online tutorial says it should–although the python something-or-the-other still doesn’t think it has a user path. But I’m looking around code in the command line! And now my brain is full, or at least commanded out. And I am going to start cooking dinner ^.^ All in all, a day that started with a great run, went on to a productive afternoon, and is finishing with food!